Our Story

At AllTerra Arms, we’re dedicated to crafting the world’s most accurate and reliable firearms, guaranteeing an unparalleled shooting experience. With over two decades of staff expertise in the hunting and shooting sports industries, we’re redefining the standard bolt action rifle, eliminating traditional design flaws, and setting a new benchmark for performance.

After an intensive two-year journey of research, development, prototyping, and field testing, we’ve managed to create a rifle that bridges the gap between benchrest precision and hunting rifle reliability. Founded by owner Andrew Foster in 2015 and nestled in Boise, Idaho, AllTerra Arms utilizes state-of-the-art CNC milling machines and lathes to create precision manufactured components from premium materials. Every component undergoes rigorous quality control before being hand finished, allowing us to craft the epitome of precision engineering in bolt action rifles.

Our team has not only improved upon the standard bolt action rifle – we’ve revolutionized it and continue to do so by constantly pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. By literally reinventing bolt to barrel to receiver axial alignment, we’ve engineered a truly unique solution that guarantees precision accuracy and unwavering reliability.

AllTerra Arms, where perfection is standard.

Patents and Patents Pending: 

US Patent: 10466005  US Patent: 10670354 US Patent: 10132579