AllTerra V4 Ti Self Timing Muzzle Brake

AllTerra V4 Ti Self Timing Muzzle Brake

Our latest muzzle brake design, the V4 Ti Self Timer is easily installed at home by the end user without the need for timing and blending in a lathe like our original V4 design. Full titanium construction. Requires 5/8-24 muzzle threads. A 3/8″ Hex key is used in the bore of the brake to conveniently install or remove. The .870 weighs 1.6oz and the .920 weighs 1.9oz.



AllTerra V-Series Directional Muzzle Brakes are designed to reduce recoil and muzzle climb for better next target acquisition. This means you can stay on target better with every shot. During testing, we found as much as 45% reduction in recoil.

The design of these muzzle brakes is like that of a parachute. The goal is to collect as much of the gasses coming out of the muzzle and redirect them rearward and upward. The upward force of the blast keeps the muzzle from ‘jumping’ and lessens the impact on your shoulder.

Our new self-timing V4 does not require installation by a gunsmith. These brakes come with a bore diameter to clear .308 and smaller projectiles.

Requires 5/8-24 muzzle threads.


Choose between the .870″ or .920″ OD options for the best appearance depending on your muzzle diameter.

We recommend using the .870 for muzzle diameters between .780″ and .870″. The .920″ brake looks and fits best on muzzle diameters between .870″ and .990″


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