Carbon Six Barrel Blanks

Carbon Six Barrel Blanks

We’re proud to offer CarbonSix barrel blanks now as a dealer! These blanks are brand new, unchambered, and guarantee 1/2 Minute accuracy when centered and chambered properly. These barrel blanks are in-stock to ship right away.

SENDERO PROLFILE – 1.200″ shank diameter / .830″ Muzzle Diameter / 2.5″ Shank Length / 1″ Muzzle Length



CarbonSix goes head-to-head with the industry leading competitors for bolt-action rifles. We’ve been very pleased with the service and quality control from our friends down in Louisiana. When investing in a Carbon Fiber barrel, it’s wise to stick with a great, reputable company and CarbonSix is just that. CarbonSix also offers a superb warranty for their product. “If the problems are found to be the result of a faulty barrel, we will correct the issue and cover the costs to return your rifle to you.” Featuring McGowen Precision Rifle blanks, these units are made right and produce deadly accuracy.

We’ve built hundreds of AllTerra rifles on these barrels and many have printed 100-yard groups well below 1/4″.

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