We designed the Model C2 as a high quality but affordable alternative to our Convergence Series action by removing our proprietary Dual Lock Barrel Seat™ while maintaining all the other features and benefits listed below.


Introducing the all new AllTerra Arms Model C2 action. This feature-rich action is sure to become the go-to for custom rifle builders everywhere. Based on our ground-breaking Convergence Series action that all AllTerra Arms rifles are built on, we’ve included industry-first features such as No-Fail Cycling™ and Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ to produce arguably the best performing component bolt action ever built. We designed the Model C2 as a high quality but affordable alternative to our Convergence Series action by removing our proprietary Dual Lock Barrel Seat™ while maintaining all the other features and benefits listed below.


The Model C2 receiver begins as an 8-pound hardened 416 stainless steel round bar with a 2” diameter. This allows us to integrate the recoil lug right into the receiver. The result is a receiver that weighs in at one pound.
Most receivers are drilled to remove the center mass from the receiver, followed by broached raceways. The problem is, drill bits can “walk” away from the centerline of the receiver, and broaches lack concentric accuracy. This ultimately affects accuracy.

We drill a small pilot hole through the center and then use an EDM machine with an electrified wire to cut the steel concentric to the center of the receiver and bolt lug with .0005” accuracy. The result: A receiver built dead-straight for supreme accuracy.

After the EDM process, AllTerra Arms machining technology sculpts the receiver interior to consistent .0005” tolerances, ensuring true Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ and No-Fail Cycling™.
Available in long and short right-hand action only in both magnum and standard bolt face configurations.


Making the AllTerra Arms bolt dead-straight from a one-piece steel billet isn’t easy. It takes innovative engineering and precision machining to create a perfectly aligned bolt that locks to bench-rest tightness while also eliminating bolt binding. Our design does that, which keeps the firing pin exactly aligned to ensure a consistent, powerful center strike on the cartridge primer every time.

Another critical consideration in bolt design is lock time, which is that precious moment between squeezing the trigger and ignition of the cartridge. A shooter flinching in those milliseconds can mean the difference between hitting and missing a target at long range.

We build smarter, faster firing pins. It starts with the spring. You want it “floating” inside the bolt center, instead of “snaking” under tension and rubbing against the inner surfaces. An AllTerra Arms spring doesn’t snake. This ultimately pushes the fluted firing pin ferrule faster and provides superior cold-weather performance.
Plus, our firing pin resides within its dead-center pilot hole at all times versus being routed through a pin pocket like other rifles (which can also slow down lock times). When you squeeze an AllTerra Arms trigger, our blazing lock time dramatically reduces the effects of accuracy-robbing flinching.


If you’ve ever experienced bolt binding in a tight-tolerance precision rifle – due to brass, scraping, dirt or other debris, you know what a pain it is – especially when cycling a round for a critical follow-up shot. AllTerra Arms solved the problem. By machining relaxed tolerances between the bolt and receiver during cycling, we send debris out of harm’s way, so it can’t jam the gun.

The AllTerra Arms action has been purposely punished in intense conditions, from sub-zero ice to field filth, and it keeps on cycling. We coat the entire bolt body with Nickel Boron for added durability and much smoother cycling. Plus, because an AllTerra Arms bolt, featuring our patented conical lugs, engages and lock into a patented elliptical raceway, the surfaces are literally “self-cleaning” with every cycle. The rifle transforms from a fast-action field gun to a precision bench rest rifle the moment a hot cartridge is locked down.




Remington 700


Long Action 8.887”
Short Action 8.075”


Long Action with bolt 1lb 12 oz
Short Action with bolt 1lb 9.6oz


In the white

Receiver material:

Hardened 416 stainless steel

Recoil lug:

Integral .200” thick


Push feed

Bolt release:

Solid contact bolt stop


Wire EDM-cut full length raceways

Receiver Threads:

1 1/16”- 20

Magazine well:

Cut for extended Wyatt and AICS magazines

Scope Base:

Drilled and tapped to accept any two-piece Remington 4, 6, 74, 7400, 7600 base.
Fits solid one-piece, pinned pic rail and two-piece pinned Talley rings available from AllTerra Arms.


Bolt material:

Hardened 4140 chrome-moly steel

Bolt handle:

Skeletonized and threaded for interchangeable bolt knobs

Bolt body:

Deep Fluted


Nickel Boron coated


Dual stainless spring-loaded


Mini M-16

Bolt throw:


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