The Allterra Difference

Innovative Stock Design

A rifle can only be accurate if the shooter executes proper form. We all know that. But did you know that many stocks actually promote poor form? And did you know that most precision rifle builders buy their stocks from another manufacturer?

Lock Time Reduction

Our design ensures that the firing pin remains concentric and supported within the bolt firing pin pilot hole at all times. A heavy-duty, oversized firing pin spring floats inside the bolt body, eliminating friction caused by the ‘snaking’ effect common with most firing spring designs.

Patented No-Fail Cycling™

If you’ve ever experienced bolt binding in a tight-tolerance precision rifle – due to brass, scraping, dirt or other debris, you know what a pain it is – especially when cycling a round for a critical follow-up shot. AllTerra Arms solved the problem.

Revolutionary Patented Action

Our Convergence action is meticulously crafted from a 2” pre-hardened 416 stainless steel round bar. By utilizing advanced EDM machining to cut the bolt raceway to the concentric center of the receiver, we achieve a consistent <.0005” bore straightness tolerance.

Bolt-to-Bore Alignment

Concentric bolt alignment in relation to the receiver and barrel bore is critical to accuracy and consistency. The combination of our patented bolt design and barrel connection (Dual-Lock Barrel Seat) ensures that these critical components are always in concentric alignment with each other.

Patented Dual-Tenon Barrel Seat ™

Barrel connection threads hold the barrel strongly into a receiver, but threads alone don’t add precision to the alignment of two such components. Our patented Dual-Tenon Barrel Seat is the only barrel connection on the market that utilizes a mortise-tenon design concept to both hold the parts together and ensure precision concentric alignment.

Precision Alignment Chambering

Utilizing a meticulous chambering procedure and CNC lathe equipment with .0001” concentric and axial tolerance, we machine incredibly smooth and precise chambers. Our chamber concentricity ensures evenly distributed contact as the bullet enters the lands and grooves of the barrel, which ultimately translates to consistent down range accuracy.

Match Grade Barrels

A quality barrel is paramount for a rifle’s performance. We use industry-leading barrel suppliers, and have our own quality control processes in place for close inspection before building a customer’s rifle with any given barrel.

Muzzle Crown Precision

Meticulous finishing at the muzzle crown guarantees an uninhibited bullet exit from the bore for consistently accurate shots. We go the extra mile to machine lap our muzzle crowns with a precision brass lapping rod.

Hunt without limits

The AllTerra rifle is engineered for those who chase the thrill of the hunt into unforgiving terrains. Its relentless performance and ruthless precision gives you the confidence to keep pushing.

PAtented components